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GP Monaco 2017: You, Circuit de Monaco and Mediterranean Yacht Charter

gran premio di Montecarlo

GP Monaco 2017
DATE: 26 - 29 may 2017

Watch the Grand Prix of Monaco, in an exclusive position, aboard the beautiful Yacht Mediterranean Yacht Charter.

Gran Prix Monaco, Ferrari in pista

Monaco Race

8 beds, restaurant and a crew of four people at your disposal.

The Montecarlo Grand Prix on board a luxury yacht
Anchored at Port Hercules in Monaco, Mediterranean Yacht Charter can be fopund in the best position to ensure a unique and exclusive view, in the beautiful circuit of Montecarlo.

Total of 24 places for lunch: so divided + 8 external on the fly + 8 externalat the stern +8 internal.
Total beds 8: so divided - 2 double bedrooms + 2 rooms with double beds.

This year all fans of Formula 1 can go to Monaco for the following dates:
23 May 2017

25 May 2017

26 May 2017

This year, Monaco will host the 69th edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco.
The circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix winds through the city for a length of 3.34 kilometres, and is considered among the shortest circuits in the world but also one where the speed must be kept low due to the curves of the circuit, so making it difficult for the drivers of Formula 1 that they have to drive for a good 78 laps, totalling 260.52 km at a quite moderate speed.

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Mediterranean Yacht Charter
Port Hercules Monaco

Jacuzzi a bordo Yacht

Yacht Charter
near Gran Prix Monaco 2017


To understand in detail what the must be the lowered speed of the drivers, we can take two particular points of the circuit: we speak of the chicane, called "pools", the wide curve above the entrance to the tunnel and the highest point of the namely low speed of the old station.

In the double bend of the chicane, the speed is increased to about 90 k.p.h. while the curve of the old station is approached at about 45 k.p.h.

The curves of Gran Prix Monaco are so many and each has a name engraved on the minds of car enthusiasts, unfortunately, for the drivers, the spectacular nature of these curves is not the same as the viewer.

In fact, because of the mass presence of these curves, it becomes difficult to overtake and in most cases only those who can really juggle with the car, can enjoy the gamble of overtaking.

Among the other spectacular curves of Gran Prix Monaco : the Saint Devote, Casino curve, Mirabeau hairpin, slow Loews, the Tobacconist curve and Rascasse.

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Cabin, Dinner room, Jacuzzi, Bathrooms, indoor and outdoor.


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SUMMER 2017 2 double bedroom cabins and 2 double cabins
APR - MAY 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 3.000 + APA (30%)
JUNE - JUL 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 5.000 + APA (30%)
AUGUST 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 5.500 + APA (30%)
SEPTEMBER 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 4.000 + APA (30%)
OCTOBER 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 3.000 + APA (30%)

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