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Capri, Blue Grotto and the famous Faraglioni of Capri routes not to be missed.

piazzetta di Capri

Capri - Piazzetta di Capri

Capri is the most famous and most elegant island of Italy.

capri grotta azzurra

Capri Blue Grotto

2 chefs just for you in the restaurant on board the Yacht.
The restaurant on board Mediterranean Yacht Charter will be able to welcome guests and seduce guests with the most discerning palates. You will not find a better restaurant in Capri. The sublime creative cuisine of our two chefs will introduce you to the Italian and international flavours and fragrances.

The marvellous Jacuzzi for a wonderful evening full of bubbles
Would you like to spend a holiday dedicated to your passions and emotions? Capri is the perfect location and offers the opportunity to always learn new and fascinating details. Look at the view of Capri toasting in the Jacuzzi on the fly of Mediterranean Yacht Charter.

Charm and elegance in the cabins of the Yacht
Equipped for elegance and services as a 5 star hotel in Capri, aboard Mediterranean Yacht Charter await 4 cabins, an elegant and reserved atmosphere. Two double bedrooms and two bedrooms with double beds, will ensure an unforgettable holiday, up to a maximum of 8 persons. Each cabin has a private bathroom.

Luxury Holidays in Capri Italy Mediterranean Yacht Charter.

Capri discesa a mare

Capri sea

Capri Faraglioni

Capri Faraglioni

The Tour of the Amalfi Coast requires a visit to the beautiful island of Capri, where glamorous jet-setters meet to spend a truly unique holiday.

On board Mediterranean Yacht Charters you can dine under the stars at the outer table of the yacht, caressed by the fragrant breeze; spend the night in the beautiful harbour of Capri, and circumnavigate the island during the day, getting to know the beautiful beaches, accessible only by boat and visit the hinterland with an excellent guide: Captain .

The island of Capri, which is in the Bay of Naples, is known worldwide for being a particularly interesting place, from the naturalistic point of view, because of its considerable natural beauties.

Of Carsic origin, Capri is a mountains not too highly elevated and plateaus and the coast is surrounded by cliffs, caves and coves.

Precisely for this reason this small island is found of immense natural beauty, famous throughout the world, perfect for a romantic weekend or a holiday with all the family.

Inside the Blue Grotto, you can see that water, depending on the climatic conditions found outside the cave, are coloured in different shades, also depending on when you enter the same, since the various moments of the day affects the colour of the water.


Photo Gallery Mediterranean Yacht Charter Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Cabin, Dinner room, Jacuzzi, Bathrooms, indoor and outdoor.


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  • Ischia Global Fest
  • Premio Faraglioni Capri 2017

Price yacht charter spring summer 2017

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SUMMER 2017 2 double bedroom cabins and 2 double cabins
APR - MAY 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 3.000 + APA (30%)
JUNE - JUL 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 5.000 + APA (30%)
AUGUST 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 5.500 + APA (30%)
SEPTEMBER 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 4.000 + APA (30%)
OCTOBER 8 guests in 4 cabins price per night € 3.000 + APA (30%)

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